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Fun Activities To Do With Your Toddler At Home

Fun Activities To Do With Your Toddler At Home

Do you often feel like you are not spending enough time with your toddler?

It’s really hard when there’s so much to get done. However, try to set 15-30 mins of cell-phone-free time and play with your toddler. You will find that it’s not just relaxing but also FUN for you! Here are some ideas to play with your toddler.

  1.  Legos! – when was the last time you played with Legos? It’s a great toy not just for kids but adults! Exercise your creativity via building Legos.
  1.  Blow bubbles – this activity is exciting for toddlers and I often found it has a soothing effect when I blow bubbles and watch them fly. 😊
  1.  Play “bowling” – save up some empty water bottles and play bowling with your toddler! If it’s too hard for them, you can make a “slide” for them so they can just drop the ball on the slide.
  1.  Build a “house” with cardboard boxes – you can cut out windows and have your toddler paint and decorate the house.

Take a break from adulting and play like a child with your toddler! 😊


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