Our Story


Hi there! So glad you stopped by! I am Hsiang-Yu, the founder and owner of Honey Lemonade (previously known as Bundled Joy Baby Gifts). I started this business with a dream to create something that could continuously generate profit to support charity – Childhood Cancer Research to be specific. 

Having a small shop of my own has always been a dream for me, as well as being able to continuously contribute to society by helping those in need. So when I came cross the idea of creating an ecommerce business, it appeared to be a perfect way to combine the two together. Fast forward, one thing led to another and here I am enjoying this new busy life that I had never imagined – I had a PhD degree in Materials Science and was a process engineer for almost 6 years before this! Crazy, right?

Did you know? So far (Dec 2021), we have donated $14,000 to different organizations to support Childhood Cancer Research! I am beyond grateful for the support from our customers who helped to make this happen.

While this business is still at its baby phase, I am amazed by how much I have learned since the very beginning. I’ve not just made many friends (from my customers) but also learned a lot more about myself (and gained several new hobbies)! – all the ups and downs in the past years are memories that I will treasure for years to come.

I hope you will enjoy the products we offer - whether something I made, something I designed, or something I found (and love)!

 ps. You can find our donation details in the "Giving Back" page. :-)


Hsiang-Yu Chen