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What To Prepare When Traveling With A Baby

What To Prepare When Traveling With A Baby

Are you planning a trip with your baby? Besides the obvious milk/food & diapers, here are few things to consider:

  • Extra outfits in the diaper bag – some babies tend to throw up or spit up in a car ride or on the airplane. There’s also the possibility of blow outs. Prepare extra outfits not just for the baby but for adults….you’ll probably want to change on the airplane if your clothes get dirty.
  • Medicine & a thermometer – babies get sick easily (and somehow it tends to happen while you are traveling). Keep a thermometer and some baby Tylenol/Advil (and the dosage chart from your doctor). This will save you a trip to a pharmacy store in the middle of the night while staying at a hotel.
  • Entertainment – bring some toys for your baby to play with when she’s awake during the flight or car ride. It’s hard to keep a baby in a car seat for a long time without her getting upset. Preparing enough toys to keep her entertained will help a lot. Better yet, plan your travel time so that baby can nap during the flight or car ride.
  • Her favorite stuffed animal or blanket for bedtime – staying at a hotel can be quite unsettling for a baby. Bringing something she loves provides her comfort and makes things easier for everyone. Tip: consider bringing her bedsheet to use for the crib offered at hotels. The familiar smell and fabric may provide extra comfort.

Traveling with a baby CAN be an enjoyable experience if you plan ahead and think through the details. Starting to write down notes weeks ahead will help you to be well prepared. 😊

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