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Hope you all are doing well and having a great start of your day/week! (If not, a piece of chocolate should do the trick. 😉 )

I would like to introduce myself a little bit so you get to know me and the reason I started this online business journey (aka Bundled Joy Baby Gifts).

In 2005 I came to the US for a doctoral degree in Materials Science (and yes I did graduate and got my PhD degree!) I don’t think I knew what I want to do with my degree then but the idea of being able to live in a different country and getting to experience a completely different culture was something I felt I NEED to do in my life at some point. The years I spent in grad school were not just eye-opening but also turned out to be the toughest years of my life.

Fast forward, I’m now married with two great daughters, one is about to turn 3 in a couple of months while the other just turned 1 a couple months ago.

I’ve always wanted to create something that could provide continuous support to good causes – something that hopefully when I am gone can still help those in need. Part of me also hopes that I could inspire my kids by showing them that life could be a lot more meaningful through helping others, even if they are small steps.

I have been donating to a local Children’s Hospital over the past few years. The reason I choose to donate to a Children’s Hospital is that I believe every life deserves a fair start. No kids should be suffering from pain and diseases but running, playing, and laughing. Having two kids myself, the thought of kids suffering from serious diseases and some even fatal ones is just unbearable. With a nine-to-five job and two little kids, the contribution I could make just does not meet my satisfaction. How can I do more with what I have right now? – I ask myself this question frequently.  

The idea of starting an online business hit me one day when I was taking some online classes on data analysis. I saw an online business class and was curious what it’s about --- being an engineer for living, I had zero knowledge about business and marketing, but somehow, I was drawn to it when I saw that class.

Once I started looking into it, I couldn’t stop. It felt like I just found another whole new world! Being amazed by the opportunities the internet could potentially provide, I know I need to give it a try and see if this could be the path toward my dream – that one day no kids have to suffer from complex and fatal diseases such as cancer.

Having gone through graduate school at UCLA with intense research and numerous publications, I learned that it takes years and years of research and a tremendous amount of funding for any research to have a breakthrough in a specific field. “You can do nothing now or you can do your best and maybe, just maybe, one day there will be one less parent who has to suffer from the pain of losing his/her child because of what you started today” - this is what I thought to myself when I decided to create Bundled Joy Baby Gifts.

I have no idea where this will lead, but I have learned so much in the past four months! “Focus on your dream and just keep moving towards it” – I tell myself whenever I am frustrated… 😊


Note 30% of Bundled Joy Baby Gifts’ profit in 2019 will be donated to Boston Children’s Hospital for cancer research. Boston Children’s Hospital is ranked #1 by U.S.News in 2018-19. Learn more about it here.

We will choose a children’s hospital or research organization each year for our donation.


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