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Do Something That Makes YOU Happy Today

Do Something That Makes YOU Happy Today


Hi busy Moms, while we tend to constantly think what’s best for our kiddos, keep in mind that it is just as important to take a good care of ourselves! Here are few things I use to remind myself to stay healthy both physically and mentally:

1. Exercise – if it seems too hard to exercise with a full time job plus taking care of kids at night, try a morning or evening walk with your kids! Walking daily is proven to significantly improve our health. Bonus? you get to spend more quality time with your kids while making all of you healthier!

2. Eat Well – yes I know, this is easier said than done. It’s hard to plan ahead or constantly think about what to eat. Here’s a good start: get extra fruits, veggies, and nuts whenever you do grocery shopping. Leave them where you usually look for snacks at work or home. You can even put an encouraging note on them with a smiley face! 😊

3. Make sure you schedule your doctor apts too…Now I know this may sound crazy, but when was the last time you had a well check for yourself? Set up a recurring appointment on your calendar to remind yourself, because you wouldn’t let your kids miss their doctor appointments!

4. Sleep – sleep is so critical to our health – physically and mentally! Set alarms to remind yourself it’s bed time. Be persistent and soon you will not need an alarm to wake up in the morning!

5. Stay Connected to Yourself – block out some time on your calendar for YOURSELF! Whether it’s for meditation, yoga, journaling, or just peacefully sipping down a cup of coffee, put effort into making yourself HAPPY! You will find things tend to get easier when you make yourself happy first. 😊


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