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Read to your baby from Day ZERO!

Read to your baby from Day ZERO!


When should you start to read to your baby? You can start from day ZERO! (aka while you are pregnant!)

It may seem odd to read to your baby before she’s even here but I am sure you have heard about all the benefit of talking and singing to your baby while you are pregnant. So, why not read? It also helps to get new Moms used to reading to a baby – it could be an awkward feeling if you have never read to a baby before.

Reading has so many benefits for your child/baby. Here are some examples:

  1. Helps with young baby’s motor skills (when they learn to flip the pages) and sensory stimulation (a lot of baby books include different textures & bright colors).
  2. Helps your child to practice their imagination – how important is that!
  3. Helps your child to learn more words through your voice and the print. Your voice doesn’t just provide comfort to your baby but also stimulates her brain while trying to catch what you are saying.
  4. Creates a strong bond between you and your child – make it a daily routine to cuddle and read!
  5. Helps them learn to stay focused and calm for a long period – critical for learning.

Kids love their parents more than anything, and they translate the feeling of cuddling and reading with their parents to their love of books. You might be surprised that even with just 5 minutes of reading to your child everyday you are giving them a gift of life-long love toward books & reading!

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