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Baby Shower Questions Answered

Baby Shower Questions Answered

Hosting a baby shower for the very first time? Here are some answers to the questions you may have. 😊

- Who should pay for the baby shower? – usually the hostess does. If you have a very limited budget but want to host a baby shower for your close friend or family member, consider asking a couple more people to co-host the baby shower with you! There are also ways to reduce the costs such as baking cakes and cookies yourself.

- When should the shower be held? – typically a shower is held 4-6 weeks before the due date, but some people prefer to do it earlier just in case the baby decides to come early.

- Who should you invite? – close friends and family. You can help create a guest list but make sure you let the Mom-to-be review the list before you send out the invitation.

- What else? – just like any other parties you may have, it’s easier when you have a check list of what to prepare (food, drinks, entertainment – there are a lot of shower games to entertain your guests).

Bottomline: don’t forget that while hosting a baby shower is a lot of fun, it’s important to check with the expecting Mom to see what she likes and prefers. This way both of you will have a great time and your effort will be well-appreciated!

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