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Add Some Personal Touches To Your Baby Shower

Add Some Personal Touches To Your Baby Shower

A baby shower doesn’t have to just be a party. It’s a special time to celebrate a life you are creating. Consider putting some thought into making it meaningful to you.

Because every pregnancy is different, there are different ways to celebrate it, too! Here are some examples as food for thought:

  • If trying to conceive was not easy for you, or even considered a “miracle”, think about a unique theme for your shower (something magical, a unicorn for a girl shower, for example).
  • If your pregnancy was a surprise, think about making it a “happy surprise” theme for your shower.
  • If you have been journaling your pregnancy with photos and videos, consider playing them at your shower. It’s an amazing journey and your guests will feel included in this great life experience you are going through.
  • If you already have a name picked out that means something to you and your partner, consider displaying a personalized baby item at the shower and explain to your guests why this name is special to you.

While people put a lot more effort into announcing their pregnancy nowadays, you can make your shower unique and meaningful, too! Once the baby is here, you will be happy that you’ve celebrated him/her with a party that’s meaningful to you.   

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