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Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Questions Answered

Baby Shower Questions Answered

Hosting a baby shower for the very first time? Here are some answers to the questions you may have. 😊

- Who should pay for the baby shower? – usually the hostess does. If you have a very limited budget but want to host a baby shower for your close friend or family member, consider asking a couple more people to co-host the baby shower with you! There are also ways to reduce the costs such as baking cakes and cookies yourself.

- When should the shower be held? – typically a shower is held 4-6 weeks before the due date, but some people prefer to do it earlier just in case the baby decides to come early.

- Who should you invite? – close friends and family. You can help create a guest list but make sure you let the Mom-to-be review the list before you send out the invitation.

- What else? – just like any other parties you may have, it’s easier when you have a check list of what to prepare (food, drinks, entertainment – there are a lot of shower games to entertain your guests).

Bottomline: don’t forget that while hosting a baby shower is a lot of fun, it’s important to check with the expecting Mom to see what she likes and prefers. This way both of you will have a great time and your effort will be well-appreciated!

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Add Some Personal Touches To Your Baby Shower

Add Some Personal Touches To Your Baby Shower

A baby shower doesn’t have to just be a party. It’s a special time to celebrate a life you are creating. Consider putting some thought into making it meaningful to you.

Because every pregnancy is different, there are different ways to celebrate it, too! Here are some examples as food for thought:

  • If trying to conceive was not easy for you, or even considered a “miracle”, think about a unique theme for your shower (something magical, a unicorn for a girl shower, for example).
  • If your pregnancy was a surprise, think about making it a “happy surprise” theme for your shower.
  • If you have been journaling your pregnancy with photos and videos, consider playing them at your shower. It’s an amazing journey and your guests will feel included in this great life experience you are going through.
  • If you already have a name picked out that means something to you and your partner, consider displaying a personalized baby item at the shower and explain to your guests why this name is special to you.

While people put a lot more effort into announcing their pregnancy nowadays, you can make your shower unique and meaningful, too! Once the baby is here, you will be happy that you’ve celebrated him/her with a party that’s meaningful to you.   

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Gift Ideas For Your Baby Shower Hostesses

Gift Ideas For Your Baby Shower Hostesses

It takes a lot of time, effort and even money to host a baby shower. As a token of appreciation, it’s nice to prepare a gift (or gifts) for each of your hostesses. Here are some ideas:

  1. Bath bombs – bath bombs are getting popular nowadays and everyone can sure use a relaxing bath with those nice-smelling bath bombs.
  2. A spa gift card – whether it’s for a massage or getting nails done, it’s always nice to get pampered.
  3. A gift card for the movies – make sure it’s big enough so that she can order some popcorn, drinks, or food to enjoy during the movie.
  4. Jewelry – if she wears jewelry, consider getting her something that she may like, or even have it personalized.
  5. Bake something for them – if you’re on a limited budget, you can always bake some cookies, cupcakes, or brownies for them!

They’ve put effort into your shower to make it special for you. It’s nice to spend some time to figure out what they would enjoy to return the favor. 😊


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Do Something Thoughtful For Your Expecting Friend

Do Something Thoughtful For Your Expecting Friend

While expecting a baby is very exciting, it can also cause anxiety, especially for first-time moms. Once the baby is here, things can get even harder with frequent feeding throughout the day and night as well as lack of sleep. Here are some things you can do to help.

  1.  Have friends, coworkers, and family write encouraging notes. Collect them in a jar and ask the expecting Mom to read it while she’s at the hospital waiting for delivery. It will help to distract her away from the pain and remind her that she’s got all the support she needs.
  1.  Have people sign up meals for post-delivery.  It’s hard to prepare meals when you have a newborn who constantly needs you and all you want is sleep. Having fresh-made food delivered makes things easier for the parents.
  1.  Have people write humorous notes on newborn diapers at the baby shower. Midnight changing is exhausting. Help to bring a smile to the parent’s face when they are doing midnight changing.
  1.  Prepare little cards, treats, and give hugs when the Mom returns to work. Going back to work after having a baby can be nerve-racking! Show your support and make the transition easier for the Mom.


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Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Finger foods are popular for parties as they are less messy and more convenient while you are busy talking at the party. Plus, everything looks cuter when they are tiny! Here are some finger food ideas to try at baby showers:

  1. Cheesy Wonton Quesadillas – Use wonton wrap to make mini quesadillas! Fill them with cheesy refried beans or just cheese. Pan fry them till golden brown and serve with a side of salsa.
  1. Mini Sweet Potato Latkes – Instead of potatoes, use sweet potatoes to get a boost in vitamin A while enjoying the deliciousness!
  1.  Mini Bagel and Muffins – There’s nothing wrong having a baby shower in the morning! Even bagels can get fancy with all different kinds of toppings. Plus, everything tastes good when coffee is served. 😊
  1. Hummus with Bite-Size Pita Bread – Looking for something simple and quick? Add a veggie plate to get all the colors in and enjoy your healthy treat!
  1. Sushi – don’t feel like cooking? Order sushi plates! While pregnant women can not eat sashimi, there are plenty of sushi flavors that are safe and delicious. You might be surprised!
  1. Chocolate Dip with fresh fruits – cut fruits to bite sizes and stick them with toothpicks. Have a warm pot of melted chocolate on the side for people to serve themselves. Make it fancy by offering sprinkles on the side!
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5 Baby Shower Mocktail Recipes

5 Baby Shower Mocktail Recipes

Hosting a baby shower? Here are some “mocktail” recipes/ideas to make your party fancy!

  1. Cucumber Cooler – mix ½ cup fresh pineapple chunks + 2 oz pineapple juice + ¼ oz simple syrup + 2 oz cucumber water + ice. Pour into a tall glass and top with 1 oz chilled club soda and 4 thin cucumber slices.
  2. Strawberry & Ginger Cooler – mix 2 large strawberries (in slices) + ½ inch piece of fresh ginger (chopped) +1/2 oz simple syrup + 2 oz fresh orange juice  + 1 oz fresh lime juice and shake well. Double strain into a glass filled with ice. Stir in 2 oz chilled ginger beer and garnish with a strawberry half.
  3. Mojito – muddle 1 tbsp sugar with a small bunch of mint leaves using a pestle and mortar. Divide lime juice (from 3 limes) between two glasses with the mint mix and crushed ice. Top up with soda water.
  4. Pina Colada – In an electric blender, blend 1 cup ice + ¾ cup pineapple juice + ¼ cup coconut milk + ¼ cup coconut cream + 1 tbsp white sugar or honey + ice. Garnish with a fresh pineapple slice.
  5. Honey Blackberry Mint Mocktails – muddle together 8 fresh blackberries + 2 oz honey + 10 fresh mint leaves until well blended. Add lemon juice (from 1 lemon) and ½ cup water. Shake well. Strain into two glasses with ice. Top each glass with 1 cup of sparkling water.

Do you want one now just from reading these recipes? I do!! 😊

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Unconventional Baby Shower Ideas

Unconventional Baby Shower Ideas

Not feeling crazy about the conventional baby shower ideas? Here are some thoughts to get your ideas going.

  • Co-Ed baby showers - a baby shower doesn’t have to be all girls! Let your other half and male friends join the party. Make it a celebration for both genders.
  • Create something together - prepare some crafting kits for guests to make at the shower that can be used to decorate your nursery. It’s not just fun but also meaningful. Imagine telling your kid “Aunt Amy made this for you at your baby shower!”. How cool is that? :-)
  • Fill the pantry and freezer - instead of having a baby shower, invite some friends over and spend the day cooking/baking! Make meals that freeze well and divide them into meal-size portions before you freeze them. Once your baby is here, you will have meals in the freezer - and you will recall all the fun you had while enjoying your meal!
  • Do a sleepover with your bffs - invite your bffs to have a sleepover. Whether it’s at your house or a nice hotel. Have some pregnancy “mocktails” (alcohol-free), eat, and gossip all night!
  • Not feeling social? - block out a day on the calendar and make it all about you and your significant other (or even just yourself!). Get pampered with a spa, a movie, and a nice meal.

Bottomline: it’s YOUR baby shower. Do things that make you happy. Don’t get stressed because you are doing it differently.  

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