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Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Finger foods are popular for parties as they are less messy and more convenient while you are busy talking at the party. Plus, everything looks cuter when they are tiny! Here are some finger food ideas to try at baby showers:

  1. Cheesy Wonton Quesadillas – Use wonton wrap to make mini quesadillas! Fill them with cheesy refried beans or just cheese. Pan fry them till golden brown and serve with a side of salsa.
  1. Mini Sweet Potato Latkes – Instead of potatoes, use sweet potatoes to get a boost in vitamin A while enjoying the deliciousness!
  1.  Mini Bagel and Muffins – There’s nothing wrong having a baby shower in the morning! Even bagels can get fancy with all different kinds of toppings. Plus, everything tastes good when coffee is served. 😊
  1. Hummus with Bite-Size Pita Bread – Looking for something simple and quick? Add a veggie plate to get all the colors in and enjoy your healthy treat!
  1. Sushi – don’t feel like cooking? Order sushi plates! While pregnant women can not eat sashimi, there are plenty of sushi flavors that are safe and delicious. You might be surprised!
  1. Chocolate Dip with fresh fruits – cut fruits to bite sizes and stick them with toothpicks. Have a warm pot of melted chocolate on the side for people to serve themselves. Make it fancy by offering sprinkles on the side!

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