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Do Something Thoughtful For Your Expecting Friend

Do Something Thoughtful For Your Expecting Friend

While expecting a baby is very exciting, it can also cause anxiety, especially for first-time moms. Once the baby is here, things can get even harder with frequent feeding throughout the day and night as well as lack of sleep. Here are some things you can do to help.

  1.  Have friends, coworkers, and family write encouraging notes. Collect them in a jar and ask the expecting Mom to read it while she’s at the hospital waiting for delivery. It will help to distract her away from the pain and remind her that she’s got all the support she needs.
  1.  Have people sign up meals for post-delivery.  It’s hard to prepare meals when you have a newborn who constantly needs you and all you want is sleep. Having fresh-made food delivered makes things easier for the parents.
  1.  Have people write humorous notes on newborn diapers at the baby shower. Midnight changing is exhausting. Help to bring a smile to the parent’s face when they are doing midnight changing.
  1.  Prepare little cards, treats, and give hugs when the Mom returns to work. Going back to work after having a baby can be nerve-racking! Show your support and make the transition easier for the Mom.


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